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Priceless Inspiration Foundation is a nonprofit that serves district administrators, school administrators, educators, professionals, students, and their surrounding communities. We co-create, co-design, and encapsulate restorative services focused on developing transformative leaders through our culturally responsive educational tool. We believe responsive services have to reflect the unique complexity of the environment, so our implementation models are customizable to encourage sustainable long-term growth. We believe our role in addressing inEQUITIES within our schools is to focus on the wellbeings of the humans doing the work. JUSTICE, RACIAL DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION is the HUMAN work to equip professionals with tools to simply be more efficient and effective in their daily roles. 

We are driven by values

The Secretary of Education said in 2021, the most significant problems negatively impacting the lives of students today are Social-economics & Social-emotional learning. We believe one of our greatest tools in addressing those problems is through financial education. In addition, we believe the integration of SEL & financial education taught from a culturally responsive lens will teach students, parents, adults, communities to change the outcomes for self, families, and friends.

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