This speech is designed to focus on inspiring students to believe in the greatness within. Antonio believes in the art of bringing relevant content to life through storytelling. He believes storytelling allows the listener to place themselves in the story, and Antonio believes every young person has a story that deserves to be told.

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The purpose of the Young Black Entrepreneur (YBE) curriculum is to empower Black leadership through character development and racial identity. The YBE curriculum centers around mentorship, using three key components (Mentorship, Exposure, 3T’s’s) to empower students to discover their gifts and provide students with the tools to discover their destiny.

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    Our work also focuses on youth-embedded Mentorship programs we utilize to empower students through a cultural enrichment lens to SEL, Character and Leadership Development, and Financial Literacy. 

    We take a comprehensive approach to mentor-led focused groups. 

    Learning Outcomes:

    ✓ Broaden students leadership language that renders self-esteem

    ✓ Students will learn how to love themselves by caring for others. 

    ✓ Strengthen students’ capacity for leading through adversity.

    ✓ Provide students with universal values, character traits, skills, and behaviors vital to their success. 

    ✓ Students will learn how to love themselves by caring for others. 

    ✓ Breakout Sessions – provide the best forum for fostering growth, and it is necessary for fidelity. 


Young People will never truly understand the learning being taught in our learning spaces until we empower students to learn themselves.

Antonio McLemore, MBA